So, I’m starting a new business…

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So, I’m starting a new business…

For the longest time, I’ve been dreaming up and writing down interesting ideas for names of ought-to-be-existent musical groups…and stage names for wannabe actors and actresses. Over the years, this has become kind of a hobby…in reality, perhaps a bit more like an obsession…but now I’m actually thinking of turning it into a semi-serious business endeavor called Famous Name-Us LLC™…

Here are a couple of company slogan ideas I’ve come up with:

When You Need A Great Name They’ll Never Forget…And You’ll Never Regret™

Unique Names that Roll Off the Tongue…Straight Into Your Bank Account™

One-of-a-Kind Band Names and Stage Names for the Soon-To-Be-Famous™

Pretty cool, right?

Following is just a small sample of some of the incredibly catchy names we’ll be offering “a la carte”, but naturally we will also be offering fully custom-developed names complete with international trademark and copyright services, logo development, wardrobe consultation and general image-building services too.

Just think…One of These Fabulous Names Could Be Yours!

The Gargling Frenchmen™ – (multi-purpose band name)

Big City Willikens™ – (presumably-Southern blues guitarist or sax player)

Itey Food™ – (progressive rock band…possibly from New Jersey or Long Island)

Lantz Curdell™ – (country/western artist)

Anxious Jack and The Wankers™ – (British Invasion tribute band)

Spastic Colon™ – (heavy metal band or UFC fighter)

Gumdrop Triplets™ – (progressive bluegrass band with a horn section)

Ginger Kayne™ – (young, sexy Hollywood starlet)

The Mincing Princes™ – (glam rock band)

Argyle Commandoes™ – (hard-driving, hard-drinking Irish rock band)

Gugg™ – (techno)

Glutens for Punishment™ – (goth rock band)

T-Whizzle™ – (rap artist)

Astral Calamity™ – (orchestral rock band ala Yes, ELP, Rush, etc)

Paulie Persky and the Pierogi Masters™ – (polka band)

GrappelHoemmer™ – (ultra-loud and violent central-European rock band)

The Cinder Bloques™ – (contemporary punk band)

WeaselFish™ – (Grateful Dead tribute band)

Bitzi Vainilla™ – (superhot Latina actress/commedienne with spectacular assets)

Velvet Canddy™ – (glitter rock band or female pornstar)

Colin Aaskapi™ – (intriguingly handsome balladeer of Turkish/British descent)

Ed “Splinter” Groops™ – (second-fiddle character actor)

Churchill Kazinka™ – (Ukrainian crooner)

Sphincter Defenders™ – (love this name…no idea how to use it)

Wally Wally and The Jazzy Gangles™ – (cruise ship reggae and/or calypso band)

Tradjic™ – (rap artist)

Ozzie Conoit and the Castraters™ – (death metal band from Central Ohio)

Kimmy Kimi Custard™ – (children’s TV series)

Donald’s Hair™ – (grunge band possibly from Vancouver)

Matzoh Masters™ – (cooking/baking competition reality TV show)

Ibb™ – (male television star/sex symbol from Israel with extraordinary eyebrows)

I know this seems like kind of a frivolous endeavor…but, the way I see it, my brain has about 100 Billion Cells in it (less those that I permanently “misplaced” back in college), and I figure that I might as well try to use all of them…

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