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Notice anything similar about these two images?

So the other day, my daughter pulled the last little blue face mask out of the box of 50 it had come in. I picked up the empty box to fold it flat and throw it in with the recycling bin, when a tiny slip of paper fell out of it and wafted gently to floor of the kitchen. It had that rather intriguing looking red circle stamped boldly right in the middle of it…covered with mysterious Chinese letters and symbols…and a few seemingly random numbers. But there were three tiny words printed in not-very-mysterious English, tucked neatly down at the lower right corner of this thin wisp of paper…Made in China.  

It instantly occurred to me that, in reality, both of these things came from China. And, as I set the paper down on the counter whilst pondering this suddenly rather obvious fact, I happened to notice those same three words printed on the back of the big pump bottle of hand sanitizer gel sitting there on the kitchen counter, just minding its own business. Right next to it was a chunky packet of disinfecting alcohol wipes, which I picked up and turned over…and there were those same three words again!

I decided to expand the scope of my investigation a bit. Here’s what I discovered:

  • the big box of disposable latex gloves that my wife had finally bought the week before…China
  • half of the cleaning and disinfecting products I could find under the kitchen sink…China
  • the entire six-foot-tall stack of 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles that my wife and her sister had dedicated months of diligent effort to…China
  • the new infrared thermometer pistols that nobody even new existed before but are now in use all over the world…China
  • the clear plastic face shields previously only used in operating rooms and dental offices…China
  • all the nice, inexpensive and very functional clothing we’ve been ordering from a variety of online sites…including long-thought-to-be Ultra-American brands like Levi’s, Gap and LL Bean…China
  • and all the Sunday-night takeout food we’ve been ordering religiously every week since the pandemic-thing began…You Guessed it!

The conclusion I’ve drawn from all of this is that Trump (and many of his minions) had it 100% right…just not in the way that they thought. This whole “China-Virus” thing was really aimed at creating the biggest economic boom conceivable for the nation of China. They created an unparalleled, relentless demand for all of the crappy stuff they are the world’s foremost experts at manufacturing. Holy Shit!

And then they created Tik-Tok to keep all of us busy filming and watching an endless stream of goofball videos that have little (if any) intrinsic value…the clear purpose of which was to distract us from what’s really going on. Think about it!

And, in studying the full body of evidence, it is my considered opinion that the secret message conveyed within that little red circle…on that innocent-looking scrap of paper…that I was never even supposed to notice…contains not only the outline of the entire Chinese master plan, but also the scientific formula for the universal antidote for the Coronavirus that nobody even knows they found. Those little slips of paper that your average run-of-the-mill American would never even give a second thought to clearly represent the cleverly and closely-guarded covert communications system that the Chinese government employs to circumvent our internet and cellphone monitoring efforts. It’s Fucking Genius!

On the other hand…it might just say Packed and Inspected by Peng Karpyang

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