APISH 1001 Ways to Piss Off Your Wife

So, I’m working on a possible sequel to my still-unwritten-and-unpublished book, 1001 Ways to Piss Off Your Wife. I’m just hoping to get some input/feedback that might help with the project…take the room’s temperature if you will. As those of you who’ve never had the opportunity to read the original are clearly not yet already […]

APISH See Anything Similar

Notice anything similar about these two images? So the other day, my daughter pulled the last little blue face mask out of the box of 50 it had come in. I picked up the empty box to fold it flat and throw it in with the recycling bin, when a tiny slip of paper fell […]

So what does “APISH” mean?

In the simplest terms, it is an anagram for Adventures in Politically InSensitive Humor. But a more fully-developed explanation would be that it’s just a better word than “Caveman-ish”. In the dictionary (for those of you who actually still know what a “dictionary” is), the word “apish” means “having the qualities, appearance or ways of […]